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My Mission

I offer women who have been impacted by loss, an unexpected life change OR the addiction of a loved one, a safe community, wellness resources, serene moments of healing and joy through cooking. Ladies of the kitchen blends in a unique way, the art of cooking with all your senses with healing the heart. This space is safe, fun-loving and an inviting community designed for women who are attempting to transition into a new chapter of life having been have been affected with deep residuals stemming from sadness or grief.

In here and with me you have a safe-haven where you will learn to “feel & prepare” meals while HEALING your HEART. I use many resources in my process, including WEEKLY VIDEOS, BLOGS, ONE-ON-ONE MENTORSHIP, SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS and GROUP SESSIONS & CLASSES to do this.

Having been affected by a family member who experienced addiction as well as spending work day hours & home life with the dysfunction it caused, I know firsthand that healing is possible. You may have heard of healing through art, but healing through the art of cooking is a whole new world of discovery and involves all your senses, your whole self, which ultimately is very fulfilling.


Culinary Expert


Wellness Coach

Restaurant Owner

Addiction-Recovery Speaker

Hi! I’m Maria! I’m a cooking connoisseur, a health maven, and I create healing mealtime moments. I gather people around the table for experiences where we cook, heal, eat, and repeat. I have created a community around food for the mind, body and soul.   

Cooking is an art that is done with all of the  senses. You smell it, taste it, feel it, hear it, and see it. I believe that If it takes all your senses to experience, then it can heal you all the way around.  

I started my career as high school teacher, as a food lover transitioned into a restauranteur and chef. Later,  restaurant advisor. I have participated in many experiences that combine cooking with the senses so as to  to heal, including my work at Pacific Clinic for foster children stepping into adulthood with no direction. Teaching them to experience cooking in this way fed them, healed them and offered them direction through the power of cooking.  This hands on therapy prepared their hearts to a better outlook of life.
I am not just a cook or just a foodie, I work in that small space where cooking and healing work together to heal wounds. I use cooking as a path to heal deep vulnerabilities, because when you cook and eat, you are not only feeding your body you are feeding your soul as well.

I am the lady of the kitchen who is a healer of hearts. I do this using my biggest gift, the art of cooking.  

xoxo, Maria

Interesting tidbits: Born on Christmas day, 2 kids – 1 boy, 1 girl (both married) 2 grandchildren No pets yet!  (but love dogs and cats).




Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach

Certified Health and Nutrition Coach


Member of Prime Time Network for 50 + adults , apprentice of Jeffrey Combs, Success Coach & speaker of Golden Mastermind & of Ed Blunt, Financial Revolution University

2011 to Present

Award Recipient of the Soroptimist Ruby Award


Member of the Artistic Discovery Committee for Congresswoman Judy Chu


Vice President of the Irwindale Public Library Foundation Master of Ceremonies for the Irwindale Educational Youth Leadership Program


Vice President of the Irwindale Public Library Foundation Master of Ceremonies for the Irwindale Educational Youth Leadership Program


Restaurant Advisory Board, San Gabriel Valley, Volunteer Teacher/Mentor with Pacific Clinics


Business Woman of the Year for City of Irwindale


Board Director, Irwindale Chamber of Commerce

2001 to Present

Member of Wellness Center, San Gabriel Valley & Board Certified Alateen Sponsor


Teacher Mentor Program for West Covina

1990 -2013

Member of the California Restaurant Association, Serv-Safe Certified