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Ladies of the Kitchen

Healing Through the Art of Cooking



Healing Through the Art of Cooking

Virtual Classes

Peeling the Onion Sessions

  • Group Workshops kept at a minimal & intimate number of guests
  • Explore recipes, spices and resources that help us heal from the inside out



RECEIVE your 1 st resource, A PDF GUIDE for Trauma Triggers, FREE with registration.


(meets 2 times a month for 45 minutes)

  • 6 month program providing mindset tools for developing a healthy relation with food
  • No more than 6 to a group with similar goals
  • Your personalized nutrition goals provided along with recipes and individualized product
  • VALUE OF $600.00
    Now $499 through Oct 31st


(meets monthly for 1 hour for 1 year)

  • Receive benefits as the Group Mentorship ALONG WITH a certificate of completion
  • Your unique tailored booklet with resources culinary utensils
  • VALUE OF $900.00 Now $725 through Oct 31st

Begin your “Soul Wound “ Journey today and receive (1) FREE Cookbook & (1) 30 minute Zoom OR Live Training.

In-Person Mastery Classes

Join Heartfelt Lessons at the Table in a Close Group Setting

  • In person Master Class with no more than 15
  • Come together to heal, cook in community safe setting
  • Receive Surprise Culinary Basket with your Registration
  • Complete Booklet with topic discussed and Resource tools
  • Discount towards a Master Class in the future
  • Part or your registration fee gets donated to a local domestic abuse center or the Children’s Program at Hazelden-Betty Ford.

LOTK 30 Minute Chat

Welcome to LOTK Monthly with Maria. Every month we will have a topic to discuss or a special “foodie” guest speaker.

Every woman cooks at some time in her life, not only for herself, but others.

The motivation required to keep our mind and spirit to sit at a table with superfood and be happy and grateful for our life can be challenging at times. Past hurts return in a flash while we are the mindset of a better “holistic life”

Here one can discover fun easy recipes, suggestions and monthly videos to inspire you to use the tools and resources offered , so that eating well becomes a means to fueling the body and healing your “soul wound”. Like my Facebook Page here and get your benefits below.


1- Weekly videos. Click here for the June 2024 LOTK 30 minute chat
2- Discount on master classes.
3- Quarterly Give-Aways

Join Maria’s Heart & Soul Culinary Club

Spice up your Kitchen Pantry each season with a new healing scent that is tasty to the palette and healing for the soul. Experience Autumn’s fragrant smells, Summer’s citrus taste, Spring’s garden herbs and Winter’s java warming spices in a delightful culinary bow.

Valued at $120.00 for a 1 year subscription NOW only $90.00 if you sign up before EASTER (March 31st).




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